Sunday, November 07, 2010


Amongst a few hundred milligrams and lots of warmth and fun, I also gained an hour overnight. Love it when that happens.

Fun weekend- just what I needed. Back to work, recharged, and snapped out of all the gloom that I was wallowing in.

Two nice friends of my sister at the Diwali party at my sister's place gave me a ride part of the way home. All throughout the ride I was struggling to remember one of their names. The two hour car ride was filled with me asking pointed and weird questions so that the wife would say her husband's name, and then thinking up some more strategies when she didn't bite. I am wondering if she is one of those people that just doesn't utter her husband's name or something. She always said "him" and "his" much to my growing frustration.

I don't remember anything that we talked about in that car ride. But now, sitting at home, the name comes to me. Why does this happen to me?

Compare and contrast.


nitish said...

When in doubt, always go for "John Smith" or "Mohammed".

SF-1 said...

This happens all the times with me. I guess this is like one of those Murphy's Laws....