Sunday, November 21, 2010


The wedding of one of our closest family friends going on in India right now. Of course as always, I am missing it, but my husband B is attending it along with my parents. I am enjoying getting to hear what a fun time my parents are having, meeting up with people from our childhood days after all these years. Getting to show off their new son-in-law and B being a good sport to all the uncle-aunty humor. :) Hard to believe that my mom hasn't been to Bombay in over five years- unable to visit even while my sister and niece transited there a couple years ago. I am so glad she was able to go now, and what better time than a wedding to be there. As always, I am sorely missing the hungama and so badly wish I were there right now.

I am glad B went and is having a good time with my buddies even though I am not there. It's fun to hear about all the folks from him, and get updates about the wedding going-ons. Its also fun to reminisce back to our wedding, and feel self-congratulatory about the fact that we didn't have to pose for those stereotypical photos to please the photographer and didn't have long ass lines of people waiting to see us at the reception - instead, we flitted about the room- often dragging each other in opposite directions as we'd see someone of ours come in. That had its own comic effect, though.

It's a happy feeling to think about my close childhood buddy getting married. I am happy for him - in some ways its almost surreal and another reason I wish I were there to see it happen. I am really enjoying the excitement in my mom's voice. It was hilarious to have my dad text me to ask me the name of "that gentleman who used to play tennis with Mr. Gupta- he was here and I wanted to introduce B to him but I couldn't remember his name" :) It's fun to exchange gossip with B- "did you meet her husband? - Isn't she just the way I used to describe her? He said that? OMG he hasn't changed one bit." heh. :)

This I know for sure, the next wedding in our family, I will be there for it along with B, stuffing my face with gulab jamuns. :) And, as I crib about not having friends here to hang out with on a regular basis, its gratifying to see that B makes an effort with my friends back home, so that, when I go back, we can enjoy hanging out with people we both know and like and that will hopefully lay the roots of some nice friendships.


sd said...

Dear TGFI,

It seems in between piles of midterm exams to grade and proposal to write, I missed your wedding. Many many congratulations to B and you. (I am figuratively stuffing my mouth with Gulab Jamun).

Incidently, I got engaged to be married.


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Incidently? Dude! that's great news! congrats :)

and thanks... :)

SF-1 said...

I will make sure that I am party to my best friend's wedding.. I don't want to end up writing a similar post :-)

Thanks for the post....