Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Pet peeves: People who cannot say yes, or take proffered help out of politeness. I don't know how to push or force my way- if someone says no, i step back and desist. I have no way of telling if they meant no or yes, and most of the times, it turns out they meant yes but said no. What nonsense. I also HATE it when friends use terms like "don't take the trouble". WTF.

All the time I bitch about not having company around here or friends to spend time with, and the one time i get invited to join in some fun stuff, I get invited by two different people for the same day and time. Pah. Greedy me so badly wishes I could go to both.

There was much turkey-talk happening in this lab next door where I spend a lot of time using their equipment. I love going there mainly because the lab atmosphere is so chatty and fun-filled. Not quiet and morose like mine. So I enjoy eavesdropping into the conversations in this lab next door and the turkey-talk, even for a vegetarian like me, got me excited about thanksgiving.

Sorely miss the thanksgivings in lutom. They used to be such fun. Over the years, each one that I went to was different and and an experience in itself. My favourite part of it, second to the food, is just all the people getting together, in a great mood, probably thanks to the food. :)

I feel a lot more sorted out as far as all the going-ons in lab are concerned. Nice feeling to be at peace and have a plan and to not give a flying f*** about anything. Hope I can maintain this detachment.

Very nice post: Lessons from a recovering post-doc.


Amrita said...

My pet peeve is when people say 'i don't care' when they mean 'i don't mind'!! Although, after years of harassing my friends about it, I gave up - I don't care! :-D
And for most people no means no right.
Here's to maintaining the detachment!!

nitish said...

Veggie using non-veg language? What the fluck!
Tofurkey's the answer for non-carnivores such as selves. BYOBird parties should be held.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

i don't know about no means no

tofurkey is yuck