Friday, November 26, 2010


A place for everything and everything in its place is not a sentiment I subscribe to. Currently I am terribly frustrated with my penchant for losing or misplacing things. I am unable to find my digital camera since a month, and now, my keys have gone missing for the past few days. Luckily my neighbours had my spare set, but that only has keys to the house. Getting into lab has been an adventure every day- either entering through the neighbouring lab that connects ours or begging and pleading my way with the security guard. And I have, of course, turned my blackhole of an apartment inside out to find these things but cannot find them. As a kid, I was constantly misplacing my books, especially on the day before the exam. Then I 'd weep copious tears and hope and pray that my mom had hidden them to teach me a lesson. That never turned out to be the case, and the book would be found later in some random location in the house. I have even been known to walk in my sleep searching for misplaced notebooks. :) My mother was so freaked out she took to putting on an extra lock on the main door at nights so that I don't step out.

Top on my wish list is a google button for life. If only I could google "my keys" and find the random corner of my apartment where they are sitting right now, I would be so happy. I hope those smart folks at google are listening and working on this.

Thanksgiving was: experiments that didn't work, good food, friends, and good conversation. Lots of eating. :)

During one of my crib-fests with H recently, he was remembering the first time he met me- when I had just arrived in Lutom from India. I was full of spunk and outspoken and had no care in the world. And I had really short hair. :) Now, nine years later, here I am- a lot more mellow, and, along with these long tresses I have managed to also accumulate all this baggage from over the years :). H was saying that I need to work on going back to being that person I was then. I wonder if that is possible- after all, this is what life does to you. It takes you through some harsh realities and shapes you. When I left India, I really had nothing to worry about, at all. It was a carefree existence. Part of me misses that old me, but for most, I have come to accept what I have become as the natural progression of life events. If I were the same person I was 9 years ago, it would mean I had seen nothing in life. But the past nine years have been an enriching and fun ride, that I wouldn't want to reverse for anything. I think back to my lowest moments and am still thankful they happened because of all that I learned out of them. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Or, may be, chopping off my hair will do the trick. :)

I wish I could stay home and laze but off to lab I go.


Anonymous said...

some years back i'd wished for a human google, where answers came to me rather than having to go find them. They say facebook is serving that purpose these days.
So just hang on a li'l more, there's got to be someone working on your request too :)
Identify with that last para so much,, and i really miss the old me!


SF-1 said...

Yes even I have that feeling. I miss my good old days, but will not trade my present to my past for anything. All these years, spent happily, crying, laughing, enjoying but most important of them all, spent learning, cannot be undone. Sometimes I wonder, if I am made to go to my past and chose to become a different me than I am today, would I have been any better? I don't think so.

Regarding your keys and camera... i can only suggest you.. Memento (2000)