Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Home, sick.

New years eve is just another day, right? I think I'm going to stay home and sleep through it this year, the damned weather outside is not at all inviting to go out and "partay" into cold hours of the night, and although I was planning on going out earlier, now I just don't feel well enough for it.

I wonder how some people feel about their salary being one of the earliest links that pop up when you google for their name. I just googled a couple friends' of mine from grad school and while I'm impressed, and a tad envious to see the whopping amounts they are making, i also felt irked and kind of uncomfortable. Don't think I ever want to do it again. And then I think about how, in India, people blatantly ask another how much money they make. I can't stand it. Why only India- once, I had a random lady at an eyebrows place ask me how much I make, while threading my eyebrows! And it was the first (and last time) I was there. When at first I was a bit taken aback, then I tried to evade it, upon which she pressed on "Phir bhi, batao na..." OMG. I told her I came to the salon to relax and not to be reminded that I probably couldn't afford it to start with.

I am really dreading dealing with this kind of crap when I go back to India. Amongst other R2I-woes. My friends warn me about people overstepping boundaries of all kinds- spouting unsolicited advice about your choice of upholstery to your making a baby. Deep breaths, I guess and hopefully snarky remarks that strike when they are needed and not 12 hours after the incident has passed, which is what typically happens with me. :)

While on the topic of unsolicited advice, its also funny how I've been getting a lot of R2I advice from people that are living here in the US. Seldom are they telling me what I don't already know, perhaps acquired from the same channels as them. I guess they are just making conversation, and its funny how sometimes innocent remarks can rub one off the wrong way. It is happening to me quite often.

I am also not sure if I continue blogging here after R2I-ing, especially if I join academia in India. Life is going to get that much more interesting, complicated, and blog-worthy :) after I move back, but I am worried about revealing personal/professional details with a lot less anonymity and in the midst of a lot more nosiness than my nondescript existence here in the US. May be I am being unnecessarily paranoid? I know that the blog has been my outlet like no other, so it will be hard to let go. I will perhaps start anew? I don't know. Lets see.

Some deadlines have been set. If things come together as I hope they will, I now have a fairly fixed return date. And R2I-woes apart, the joy of finally beginning to live with B will make a lot of the other stuff more bearable, I think. My biggest fears are finding career satisfaction and dealing with B's dad's sickness. Day to day life issues, I think, I will just learn to deal with over time.


La vida loca said...

It's ok if you dont want to blog..but if you are, let me know! Happy 2011 TGFI!!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Happy 2011 to you too, LVV! I was just thinking about you today. :) How you been?

nitish said...

I have retired from blogging thrice already. It's not something that you can give up that easily. B2 is waiting...

Raam Pyari said...


All the best with returning to India..if you are with people you love, it will all be fine :)

Calvin said...

Its not everyone in India who would ask for salaries, but mostly the earlier generation - uncles and aunts (purely from my experience). And as for anonymity, that might not be an issue.

Online life is still private - at least for now. Unless of course Zuckerberg decides we have had enough of privacy :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Yeah, go B2!

:) Thanks

Agreed, perhaps guilty here of the broad brush thing. And yeah. Facebook is what I should really be worried about :).