Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On the choices we make, the paths we choose.

Bitter sweet. More bitter than sweet. I should be ecstatic today, got a really tough experiment to work after a lot of head-breaking. But, unfortunately I am not all that ecstatic. Because I had pretty much given up on it weeks ago and made the choice to pursue an inferior approach. There were deadlines and so we had to pick between keeping on trying with the new approach or going with the inferior approach that I had gotten up and running. So we committed to that inferior approach, which means we locked in $20K for it. We cannot back out of that. I continued to pursue this better approach in my "spare time" because I wanted to learn how to do it, and now, I have been able to get it to work, but unfortunately I won't be using it. Such a crying shame.

I hope my boss can remind me of all the reasons we made this choice and be happy with the choice we made. This back-and-forthness, even after committing, is so typical of me and is eating me up.

Life is like that, eh?

But its a good lesson in choices, short-term versus long-term benefits, pressures of deadlines and..what not. A lesson I will remember.

I am also sleep deprived, hopefully tomorrow will be able to think more clearly and make this out to be less of a tragedy than I am building it up to be in my head right now.

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