Thursday, December 02, 2010


Sometime in the last six months before I defended, I set the following autoreply to my gmail id and stopped checking it

"Dear friends,
I am going into a self-imposed exile starting Jan 16. I have a thesis
to complete and a dissertation to defend. In addition, I have a job to
find and a class to teach. Of course, experiments are still being done
as I type this. I hope you will all understand and overlook my absence
from any social behaviour and communication in the coming weeks. See
you all on the other side of this madness. :-) "

I think a lot of the pressures are similar this time around. I don't have a thesis, but I have immense need for data and a solid story to produce and write. I still have to find a job, that too back in India. And no teaching, but shit loads of experiments to do. I need to go back into that exile mode. But ye saala twitter ko kaun band karega?

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