Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Why is nobody blogging any more? So sad.

I read a funny tweet today "Once facebook starts tracking and letting you know who visited your profile how many times, we're all screwed". Hahaah. Then we'll start seeing those annoying orkut type messages "What ya visit and no scrap? I am hurt". Gah.

I am just going to recycle my old resolutions for 2011. Eat healthy. Exercise. Do not waste time or money. Call up people more often.

My biggest resolution is, a two drink maximum this new years eve. :D. Considering how over-priced things will be on NYE everywhere, this one should be easy to enforce. I generally live a pretty low maintenance life, but, have never gone an extra mile to save money. I spend impulsively sometimes, eat out often, and don't think too much before spending, when i do spend money. With my impending R2I, I have become a more conscious money-saver. Questioning purchases, avoiding eating out, etc.

I hate being arm-twisted into things.

I believe in things getting jinxed sometimes when you get too excited about them, overplan and such. I know its silly and illogical and unscientific, but. Well.

I was trying to help a friend deal with a rocky relationship- reminded me of some of my own friendships and how they have morphed over the years. I wish I could explain better how its ok for people to distance...to grow apart, and to attain a different place in your life than they used to. It is a natural progression of life and sooner or later, equilibrium will be attained, and we will be at peace with it. Some hurt and some misunderstanding is part of the bargain and nothing is ever constant, to use cliches. It all gets easier when you learn to accept the changes and not fight them, wanting things to be the same just as some kind of reassurance to you that you haven't failed a friendship. At most you are guilty of erring, a very human quality.

Some close friends I grew up with are still saddled with the best-friend tag, whether they like it or not- it's a lot easier than saying "my once best friend". :D. Jokes apart, I still believe these are the best friends I've ever had- even if, I talk to them only once in a few months, they are not my "Go-to" people, I have very little left in common with them, we've strayed apart over the years, I cannot any more relate to them, their mommy-talks drive me crazy...I just don't make such close friendships anymore as I struck with them, so, they get to keep their titles- no strings attached.

I am guilty of mis-judging my boss's words of late. I am glad he has my interests in mind. And, truly, productiveness from me can only help the both of us, so that's all we really need.

I was working like crazy, then lost tempo. I need to regain that tempo. Tomorrow.

Tonight I will send off a draft- its only 500 words, I really should get better at this writing thing at this stage. At least my boss had only good things to say about my first draft, a sign that I have gotten better already. :)

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