Monday, December 27, 2010

The weekend that was

On friday morning, as I was lazing and procrastinating, a friend said they were driving into the city and if I was free to meet them for dinner for that night, and I said yes right away. Suddenly, my weekend had gotten hectic. I had to rush to the lab, finish up work, make gulab jamuns which I had planned on making for my sister, and head out to meet my friends for dinner and then head out from there to my sisters place. Right then, I was priding myself about being such a shameless person, almost always available to take up any invite. One of the luxuries of single life that I love and will dearly miss once life becomes a two-person decision-tree. :)

Anyhow, I had a wonderful time meeting up with friends on Friday, after more than 1.5 years. The last time we met was when B was leaving the country, and they made the 3 hour drive all the way to meet B. My friend has had a baby in the meantime, and we had fun catching up, tourist-watching and general tp. I enjoyed christmas day with my niece, and then, as sunday morning dawned, the news of the upcoming blizzard surfaced. I had another dinner to go to Sunday night on my way home. In as much as I really wanted to go there, I decided to do the wise thing for a change and cancel on them. Instead, I made my way home early Sunday evening, despite my niece's protests to stay back so that we could have fun and play games all day Monday. :D. Aww. I had to come back and get work done, even if I couldn't go into the lab.

My first time in the thick of such a crazy blizzard. As soon as my train got out of the underground and entered surface lines, everytime the car doors opened, snow would come rushing through. People were sitting with their caps and gloves on inside the train. I was dreading leaving the train when my stop arrived. As I headed out of the station trudging through ankle deep snow, avoiding the gutters lining the side walk, it was near impossible to raise my head to see what was in my way. The snow came down in sheets, slanted at angle directly coming at my face. Cars were crawling when they were not skidding. The 25 minute wait at the bus stop was horrible. At some point I stopped feeling my toes and huddled in the space between the bus stop and the ticket machine to get some barrier from the snow that just kept on coming. Finally the bus showed up. The last leg of this journey was the 5 minute walk home, which, luckily I managed to walk on the street instead of the sidewalk, where car tracks had made it much easier to walk on. A cute snowman with a carrot nose welcomed me at the front of my building, and definitely cheered me up. :) As I rushed into my apartment, found that my hair was frozen, lumps of snow had entered my house through the outer pockets of my backpack, my coat, etc. Never did I want my warm apartment more. I got into warm clothes and relaxed with a cup of hot chai. Ah.

Today I decided to "Work from home" as I have no intention of wading through the snow fortress outside. Don't ask me how much work I got done. :/


nitish said...

Boy am I glad I don't have to face gentle snow or stupid blizzards any more. By the way, that's what you get if you stick around in Lutom, Poland.

satish said...

so how much did you get done??

btw, i am still blogging. you should check it often and send fan emails once in a while.