Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year to you all

I had a "low-key" NYE. And quite enjoyed it that way. This whole "lets go out and pay ridiculous cover charges and buy expensive watered down drinks" or "lets go to a loud party and drink and dance and sleep on the floor" is just a sham. I think I am ahead of the curve, soon the in thing is going to be simply sleeping at home and waking up early, refreshed and well-rested and not hungover on the 1st day of a brand new year. Yeah! Remember, you heard it here first. :D

I also spent some (Very little, not too much) money buying some more books this morning. And if all goes well, I might acquire still more. I know, horrible. But here's my logic- we're going to have to ship our books anyway, so what's another box, right? Right? Right????? I really need to get that off my chest. Also, is hoarding sufficient cause for divorce? If its books and a book-lover husband then it should be ok right? Right? Right???

I have this fleeting desire to go back to grad school for a Ph.D. in neuroscience or psychology. What am I talking! Mad I am.

I think my tummy has simply given up and cannot handle outside food. I need to stop abusing it.
Long but nice article How-to-Change-Your-Bad-Habits: The take home is not new:
"Approach change as if you're learning a new language or a new instrument. Obviously, you're not going to be fluent or play symphonies instantly; you'll need constant focus and practice. Overcoming an unhealthy habit involves changing the behaviors associated with it and managing stress, because stressing about change (or anything else) will knock you off the wagon faster than you realize. Above all, get that dopamine system going: Find rewards—make them instant, and don't be stingy. Your brain needs them. And I promise (well, Volkow, Schlund, Wexler, and Fleshner promise) it gets easier. That's not a bunch of self-help nonsense. It's biology".


Sangi said...

Absolutely - we have people over and never stir out on NYE. No fun in a loud party that you pay through your nose for with a bunch of strangers, right?!

We shipped books back through something called book bag from the US. The postal service actually just put it in a gunny sack and shipped it sea mail. It reached after 3 months but reached us, it did. A few sacks worth! Absolutely worth it to buy books, in my opinion. Ship the bookcases too! :-D

Happy New Year!

satish said...

happy new year! :)

nitish said...

Thank you for coolifying falling asleep at 10 pm on Dec 31.

Anonymous said...

Auntyji, pranam.
It has been a while since I visited.

What is this bright bright colors I say. Is post-PhD life that good? Please to be confirming. Might just get enthu to graduate.

Now I will read bleg. Sorry to be making frivolous comment.

Dewdrop said...

Happy New Year.

IMO, buying books in totally worth it. There are so many titles that are not available in India. Happy Shopping.

I read the entire article. Was a good read. Thanks for sharing.

ferret said...

hoarding is never sufficient cause for divorce, else he who must keep everything for memories sake wou...!

Happy new year to you :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

That book bag thing has stopped now. LOL@ shipping bookcases. That is definite grounds for divorce, I'm afraid. Anyhow I don't own a fancy bookcase..:)

to you too, Satish. I read your blog. I am slowly getting used to your style. :p

You're welcome.

Aunty kisko bulata hai be.

Hmm...I might end up leaving them here actually, depends on if I can find a cheap way of shipping them..Happy New Year to you too.

what happened? did you fall asleep in the middle of typign that comment?

ferret said...

haha.. just in the middle of packing up and moving cities, and the irritation levels were at its highest level with the kind of stuff that is moving with us for the sake of memories,,, suddenly felt that the comment might become a big outburst, so stopped in the middle :P

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

LOL. its ok you please feel free to outburst. :)