Saturday, January 22, 2011


So I have been OD-ing on my Seinfeld DVD set for the past many weeks- less than a month since I got it and I am already done with the first five seasons. I totally love Kramer and Elaine is just the kind of person I wish I had for a friend. In fact, I've been seeing so much of it that sometimes when I'm at work I think of the situation and imagine how Elaine would've reacted. She is slowly morphing into an imaginary friend. :) I am also getting to enjoy the show in a renewed way now, having lived here and getting all the references to the city etc. much more than when I used to see it earlier while i lived in India and lutom. The downside of this show is that it makes it look perfectly ok to sit around all the time, drinking coffee and eating at Tom's restaurant, discussing complete non-issues with friends and gossiping about everything. I more and more want that life instead of mine. :/

P.S: Completely off-topic and random but I felt the immense need to record for the sake of it: I just learned that "warts and all" is a phrase to mean the good and bad included. I'm cracking up because I have seen this being used on a few occasions in reference to the same topic- being the city of Philadelphia. A few people, including Sujatha on my blog said to me on independent occasions "Oh I like Philadelphia, warts and all" or something to that effect. Then, it got me confused- i thought there was some reference to a wart-like-structure in the city of Philly that I had never heard of. So I probed but only got vaguer replies. A google search for Warts and philadelphia brought up various things like skin cancer and genital warts, but surely, this is not what people were referring to when they commented on the city? So I let it go, and when I left Philly, although I had seen my share of figurative warts, I felt sad that I never discovered these warts that everyone was talking about. Oh well. Now I know.

And now I shall stop wasting time.



satish said...

i have heard so much about the show.. never came to watch it. i guess i didnt like it much after few minutes of random watch.


The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

u didn't like?? you should give it another chance! Seinfeld, is my life! :)

Kits said...

Gurl, loved the warts bit! Very enterprising of you to check Google too :D