Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two choices

Lets say, you are committed to do something. You cannot get out of it, and you cannot count on snowstorms to bail you out either. So, now that we've established that you HAVE to do it, you have two choices from here

1) Drag your feet through it. Spend a lot of time "not" doing and then scramble to "Doing". Beat yourself up in the interim. Waste time without even enjoying it. Avoid avoid avoid. Waste time online. Drive self crazy. Think of this while doing that. Think of that while doing this. Worry so much about doing a good job, that you feel paralyzed and throw yourself into an endless loop. Worry- don't perform- worry more- don't perform some more. Sleep a lot, get stressed and eat fattening foods. Finally get there bedraggled, having done a half-ass job, and telling yourself its ok, its not the end of the world after all, there are other things. But, actually, in reality, hate yourself and never stop regretting that you could've done so much better had you not wasted all that time.


2) Have a plan. Stick to a schedule. Do it in small chunks. Focus for small manageable bite sized amounts of time. Reward yourself for every tiny milestone with some internet-indulgence or food or tv. Little by little, in focused efforts, GET IT DONE. Waltz into the finishing line gracefully.

What would you pick? Is discipline really more painful than self-loathing laced time-wasting which you don't even enjoy while at it?


Shripriya said...

It's irrelevant what I would pick bc it's so clear what you recently picked and what you think you should have picked instead :)

There's always a next time...

nitish said...

Hidden option 3: outsource job to "Ramone" from "Wichita".

Neethi said...

I pretty much do everything you said in choice 1 while always fantasizing that I have to giddy up for choice 2. But what can I say, I am a masochist. Case in point: I need to finish getting a PhD so I can complain like you about my next stage in life but I am commenting on your post and others.

satish said...

you know what they say..'choice is an illusion.'

aequo animo said...

Just do it as quickly as possible ( and as perfectly as possible) .. so that you get over it and it doest come back to you. ( If needed say so after doing that)

tabula rasa said...

OT, BTW, thought this might be of interest: . One of the founders is a friend.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...



LOL @ so that you xan complain about next stage in life. I will say, though ,that the next stage in life is a lot better than the finishing grad school phase. So buckle up and get outta there!


aequo animo,
good advice. thank you.

Howdy! Thanks for that link. I will follow it up..quite relevant.

tabula rasa said...

good. good luck. they're looking to hire. let me know if you'd like me to put a word in at some point.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

OK, thanks for the offer. Although I noticed its in Delhi, which is know- Delhi. :) But I will explore opportunities..

Argentyne said...

Thank you for this post :) Made me choose option 2 instead of the daily default: option 1 :)