Thursday, January 06, 2011


Apparently I exhibit clear writing (or avoiding writing) patterns of behaviour. My husband can tell I have something to write when I start cooking and eating healthy food at home every day. Or when I am doing the laundry without dragging my feet. Regular readers of this blog may be able to tell by the increase in posting frequency. My boss has yet to nag me about the draft I owe him. I dream of all these encounters with him- he corners me in the hallway and I have nowhere to run..we bump into each other while I'm getting into the building..we're trapped in an stuck elevator..all kinds of such nightmares but every day is an anticlimax. We see each other and discuss all and sundry- he even noticed my new glasses today- but no mention of the draft I owe him.

And, with each passing anti-climatic day, the sense of urgency disappears for long enough for me to breathe easy,watch TV, go to bed instead of staying up and writing, only to wake up to a new day, with new ideas of being captured and taken to the gallows where all paper-writing-procrastinators go. Mummeee!

I bought the Seinfeld DVD set - all 9 seasons- for a steal on And I say it is money well spent! :)

Mass sms-es and mass e-mails and impersonal fb msgs wishing you a Happy New Year are essentially a waste of time and mean nothing. Instead of flooding my inbox with yet another impersonal message, why don't we just assume that you wish for me to have a very happy new year, and I, you? Cards in the mailbox are something else. This year I got a sum total of one. Thank god for that. Next year may be I will send some out too and do my bit to keep this tradition going.

I suck at this following up business that one is supposed to do when job-hunting. I need a method to it. Excel spreadsheet style- keep track of when I wrote whom and reminders in my calendar to follow up with them. Otherwise I'm getting nowhere beyond encouraging initial conversations that fizzle off.

I find it a tad insulting that my boss asked me to draft a recommendation letter that he was supposed to write for me, and, then, proceeded to send it off without changing a single word! I know he's a busy man, but still. On the other hand, may be I should have written in there that I was the next best thing to qiagen kits. (A molecular biologist's equivalent of sliced bread).

I have offended good friends in the past by not remembering their wedding anniversary- even while being with them on that day or so. And of course, they didn't tell me. I think wedding anniversaries need to be celebrated only by the couple in question. It should be their own little private affair and the rest of us shouldn't have to deal with the responsibility of remembering their anniversary and wishing them. I will always celebrate the fact that my friend married a nice person and is enjoying marital bliss. I don't need a day for it! :)

Ours is a small lab- 4 post-docs and the boss, and the admin. In the past, when each of us has returned after a holiday to our home countries or such, we've brought back something for the lab. Cookies or sweets or whatever- usually they are kept in the admin's office because we can't have food in the lab. This time a coworker returned from her vacation, and gave the boss a box of cookies - nothing for the rest of us. She didn't do it front of us, but he happened to mention at lab meeting that the cookies were really nice and thanked her for it. I thought that was terribly lacking in class - her only bringing stuff to the boss. Am I the only one to think that it was crude?

I need to write. Over and out.


ferret said...

Oh so true about not remembering friends' wedding anniversaries, or in my case, it's also, not calling up to wish friends on their kid's first birthday. Ever so often i think that i should mark the dates in the calendar and wish everybody on their important days, but never have i been able to do it. I wish ppl would stop getting offended by it!
Seinfeld, totally worth it :)

nitish said...

You're welcome to waste more time by guest-blogging at our dumpsite. Rough drafts of papers/proposals are also accepted with peerless review.

satish said...

well, i correlate increase in post frequency to happiness.

(when you are anonymous that is. same thing on FB means you have a huge crush and you want to attract attention)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

yeah- or i wish they'd just tell us when we "Forget" and save everyone the feeling offended drama.

Sorry, can't until you change colour scheme.


LOL @ the FB corelation. I did not know that. I am going to waste some time on FB now, figuring out who all have a huge crush and are attention-seeking. :)