Sunday, January 09, 2011


By some weird stroke of luck combined with a very vela mind I logged into my AGE OLD hotmail account today. When I should have been writing my review article, of course. Whats new?

So anyhow, I sat and read a bunch of my old emails from a very very old phase in my life. My early years of grad school, my beginning years in the states.

The stuff I unearthed was more than just a blast from the past. Lot of stuff I had forgotten.

A couple very mature and nice e-mails from a friend when I mostly remember only her immature and hurtful exchanges with me from that phase. I felt so happy to read this. Proof that everyone has their phases, everyone is entitled to outbursts and equally capable of reason. Although it is mostly irrelevant now that we are past all of it, it was still gratifying to read it and will perhaps help me build a different memory of that time.

A friend's long rant on her resignation from her co. This is eye-opening now because it reflects a lot of shoddy unprofessionalism that B often complains about. Her specific complaints (from 4-5 yrs ago) are eerily similar to some of B's complaints of the organisation he was in. Having never really witnessed corporate behaviour first hand, these are all preparation for me for when i get into the big bad corporate world.

My past flames and flings. :) Quite something to look back on those, fondly and not-so-fondly. :)

My best friend doling out advice. This was when I was out of touch with her for the longest time, and then all of a sudden blurted out to her what kind of shit I was dealing with. And true to herself, she was there with solid support, backing and very good words of advice.

The really weird thing? I had a very similar conversation with this same friend today. We live in very different worlds- and rarely call/talk..she is a mother of two kids and I am a lazy person who has recently begun to rectify my horrible habit of not calling people. Anyhow, i called her today and was talking to her after 6 months. Ten minutes into the conversation I found myself blurting out to her the stuff that has been bothering me. No background no nothing. I just had to tell her and she understood. And sympathised. And gave me some very practical advice that put me at ease. We may have drifted into very different worlds over the years but I am so glad to know that friends like these will be there, and a lot more accessible when i go back to India.

General evidence that i've come a long way, and that I am capable of a lot more hard work than I am putting in right now. :) I didn't have a blog to waste time on then. :)

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satish said...

well. we are always smarter when we look back.

anyway, i am not giving you any advice on how to be 'slogging more' instead of blogging.