Monday, January 17, 2011


I have realised I enjoy working after hours and weekends in the lab because I can play the music at loud volume and my annoying coworker is not in my way. But it is still not the most productive way for me to function so I need to stop letting her get under my skin.

Some of the things that annoy me about her: the way she clangs and bangs equipment and stuff around as she goes bustling about in a big rush. The way she hogs all the machines at the same time and thinks its ok if she leaves post-it notes on them saying that she will be using them all day. The way she gets horribly defensive while discussing her data at lab meeting. The way she completely ignores other people discussing their data or presenting their problems at lab meeting- she is busy making her to-do lists or staring into space. I find that very very offensive. The way she never looks at you when you talk to her- just goes about her work, won't take her eyes off her computer screen or whatever she is doing, and answer in short monosyllables. Her complete lack of participation as a team-member. And finally, the ways in which she has tried to screw me over and create a distasteful lab environment over the past few months. Aargh.

I had a setback last week in my experiments that took a lot of head-scratching and trouble shooting and a few near-heart-attack type episodes as I was trying to get things under control. I think I have caught up over this weekend, at least identified the problem and now I'm back in the running. Less than two weeks to go for my presentation, so I'm hoping things continue to come together. I still have a long way to go. But at least things are working now.

I still haven't finished the review. :( But I feel like I have it under control.

I agonized so much over buying this expensive jacket last winter. We were half way through the winter then and I wasn't sure if I was going to be here for one more whole winter season after that. But well- I bought it anyway, and here I am, roughing it through one more whole season. The coat has come in very handy, so I 'm glad I caved in and bought it. It is super comfortable- it's like walking in a cosy snugly fitting sleeping bag. :) I love it! It's what inspires me to brave the elements and get out in the cold everyday. :)

Over and out.

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