Sunday, January 30, 2011


As soon as B and I start living together, this is the kind of stuff I look forward to,

* To be able to say, when any friend is trying to make plans with me "I'll check with my husband and get back to you"

* To be able to nag nag nag my husband. Yeah! I love!

* To be generally unavailable to friends on the pretext of wanting to be with my husband, nurse a sick husband, entertain relatives, being busy doing couple stuff etc etc.

* To be able to put the phone on speaker in the midst of a phone conversation and let my husband be privy to everything my poor unsuspecting friend is saying

* Ofcourse, to reply to gtalk conversations from my husband's friends saying "Hey this is me TGFI on his computer. hee hee".

* To sign off birthday wishes to other friends with "TGFI & B"

Can't wait.


Calvin said...

Ah, so of wife also moving pretty soon, so can feel something similar....though more on the scared side :D

Sakshi said...

You are scaring him with point 2 and scaring all the rest of us with point 4.

satish said...

heh. looking forward to more of these posts!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

it was part sarcasm, my post. :)

i think the ability to nag someone is the best part of marriage.

hehe. stay tuned. :)

Kits said...

Goeeey stuff - am thoroughly enjoying nagging the husband to put off the lights once he leaves the room. Sigh!