Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Things have been one stress after the other. As soon as I was done with my talk I was slammed with the deadline to submit the review article I was working on. In the meantime, I had promised my niece that I would visit her on the weekend, having not seen her in almost 2 months now, and I was having a tough time seeing how I could live up to my words as I sat at home working through Sunday. But what can you do when a 5 yo calls you and leaves a message on your cellphone that says "TGFI pinni, this is me Kavita speaking. You said you would be here Sunday morning and its afternoon now and I don't know where you are so please call back". ?? Of course I had to go. Her face broke into a huge grin when I showed up, even if at 4 pm giving us precious little time. I spent a few hours playing with her, and as I began packing my things up to leave early next morning, she pleaded with me "Why can't you stay here and work from home? You can do some experiments on my weather station". Her latest science-gift she got for christmas. :) If only.

The review out of the way, I finally breathed easy and unwound last evening. The first thing that came to my mind, when I finally had a moment to relax and not feel the stress of some urgent to-do task, was how much I am missing B and how hard this LDR is. We have come up with our own definition of LDRs, and as per that, people have to be separated by at least a coast to claim LDR status. Weekend couples who live in Pune/Bombay or NY/Boston are just couples in SDRs. They have it too easy. :p

The sense of urgency is back at work, and will probably remain so until June. BUT, the most awesome-est news ever is that B is visiting me this weekend for a whole two weeks! Yeah! I'm taking a week off work and we're going to do some traveling, meeting up friends, and such. His trip calendar has already filled up- and we're trying to walk the tightrope between fitting in too many "things to do", "Friends to meet" and just spending some good quality time with each other. I have finally begun getting excited about getting to see him after six months. As we're telling friends and making plans its nice to see the excitement spread and his friends changing plans and making night-long bus rides to come see him. Part of our plans when B is here is to go and surprise a very good friend of his. It is becoming harder to keep this surprise what with the way everybody is everybody's (facebook) friend and B finding it very hard to curtail his excitement. :D This is going to be fun. My boss granted me a week off very willingly, saying that I have been working hard and I should spend time with my husband, what with us having been apart for so long. This is the same boss that didn't okay 1.5 days off when I wanted to go to California for my birthday. Oh well. I am definitely not complaining right now.

Of course, needless to say, the blog will be quiet for the next two weeks :).


nitish said...

Technically, a coast does come in between NYC & Boston. Poughkeepsie-Boston would be another matter altogether.

satish said...

good good. have a great time.

Calvin said...

I hope there is no sarcasm this time :P

shub said...


Dewdrop said...

Have a good time :)

ferret said...

leave from the blog is approved too! :)

ferret said...
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Sangi said...

Have a lovely time!

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...


reminds me of this Friends episode where Ross dated a girl from Poughkeepsie..then- he was trying to pull off Poughkeepsie-NYC as an LDR!

satish, DewDrop, Sangi

thanks. :)


hehe. none at all!


How you doing? :)


Hahahaha! many thanks.

Anphy said...
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Anphy said...

haha, totally agree with your criterion for the LDR claim. Doing a Sydney - Delhi and dreading it totally :-(