Monday, February 28, 2011


Been corresponding with my Ph.D.Advisor regarding my job search in India....feels good just to be able to discuss stuff with her and enjoy her vote of confidence in me. She encourages me to take risks, saying that I am smart and if it tanks I can always get a job elsewhere. :)

Getting very irritated with my current boss, on the other hand. He walks up to my desk Monday noon asking "So, anything interesting over the weekend?". I wish I could have said, yeah, the interesting thing is that I didn't come to lab. Gah. Then I remember those periods PhDAdv. did similar stuff and how much i hated her for it then. :) My current boss will never come close to the place PhDAdv. has had in my life though, I am just drawing parallels between the annoying behaviours of bosses. :)

I don't fit into the R2I clubs that I am seeing online. These are people who have had full-fledged family lives here in the US, and are discussing taking back their sofas and matching lampshades back to India and have their companies paying for big ass containers so they can transplant their entire lives, mini-walmarts and costcos back to India. I have none of that kind of stuff to worry about. No 401Ks, no US-born kids for whom I have to worry about diapers and cartoon-character-bedsheets, no leather sofas, no artificial flowers to decorate my house (Because what you get in Michaels you can never find back in India) or tubes of toothpaste (because the toothpaste is too foamy in India) or any of that. Heck, I brought back Dabur Meswak with me when I came from my holiday to India last time. I plan to go back with 3 suitcases. (Will pay for that one extra), and hopefully have the remainder ferried back by a friend or two. Thats it. I do want to hold on to some of the stuff I already own- esp. camping gear and books and dvds, and those, as of now are the bulkiest things and are going to be the biggest pain to take back. :/ . But here is something cool I found on these R2I forums and wanted to share: A shipping company is organizing a donation drive, so that you can ship a box or two of gently used clothes/kids stuff- anything you'd want to donate towards charity and they will ship it to India for free. I found this great because I own tons of desi clothes that I didn't want to give to goodwill here because they seemed more suitable to Indian use. During my past trips I have taken and dumped some but they still keep piling up. I have to incur the cost of shipping my box to the collection center for this drive but that is a small price to pay. I am excited about getting a box ready to ship out to them!


Rachna said...

Got back from India y'day and brought 2 tubes of Meswak as well! Totally love that toothpaste!

Rachna said...

TGFI, also wanted to tell you that the airlines are charging for the second suitcase as well :(
I had no clue about this, and got two suitcases and got to know when checking in and they told me I had to pay for the 2nd suitcase.
Do check, maybe it was just my airline, I asked and they told me it was all of them- so do check.