Monday, March 07, 2011

It's been a while

Life has been busy. I am reaching the point where I am getting overwhelmed and then paralyzed into inaction just because I am worried about all that I have to get done. It's not trivial. And I have 3.5 months left! Thats 14 weeks, of which 2-3 are going to be gone in traveling. So that leaves me 11-12 weeks. 11-12 weeks is really. not. much. time. :-o

Lab life has gotten quite unbearable. While earlier I used to complain about not having social lab mates, now it is downright hostile with one coworker- its an icky feeling to share my bay with this person now, and I hate being in the lab these days and keep looking forward to leaving as soon as I get in each day. What is worse is that I am letting this behaviour affect me and my productivity so much. There is nothing I can do to pander to another's insecurities or egos. It is out of my control and its not my problem. So I need to learn how to ignore this obnoxious behaviour and just get my work done. Hope I get the hang of it soon. All the unpleasantness apart, I am really glad I got to experience this - I have been lucky thus far in having awesome relationships with all my colleagues and having mostly wonderful people around me. I have faced little nastiness, come to think of it, especially on such a regular basis as this. This is a good taste of real world for me here.

I am preparing for an upcoming meeting I am going to in a month. This is probably my exit conference from the US, and I want to put to use all the stuff I learned about networking, planning my time at the conference etc. Lets see how it goes. I'm excited.p

I'm tired now. So much more to write but no patience to string together meaningful sentences.

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