Friday, March 25, 2011


All the nasty stuff with my coworker gave way to a cheap thrill for me yesterday. It is essentially a cheap thrill, but I am going to bask in it for all its worth and enjoy it till it lasts. She got what she deserved and I hope it helps in taking her horribly arrogant attitude down a notch or two. But I doubt that.


While I am aware of there being two or three sides to every story, sometimes I can't help judge based on one side alone. Even if you give the other side all the benefit of doubt, what presents itself is still unacceptable. Makes you wonder what the hell happens and why people do what they do. Or if you ever really knew them well enough to be surprised by the happenings? I will never know.


Every so often, I crave being in a hotel room. Not necessarily a fancy shmancy hotel room - I guess its got to do with craving being in a new place. I'll get my travel-bug-fix soon. Very excited. I also got business cards printed for the conference I'm going to. I remember going last year, and not having the opportunity to give them to anyone. I hope this year will be different. I'm going to try harder (and stuff these newly printed cards into peoples hands whether they want it or not :p)


Nothing like a guy leaving you a voicemail early AM asking you not to stress about losing weight and telling you that you are adorable. (:D Right out of a cheesy song) Especially when the guy is not your husband.
I have been stressing about losing weight- I know it doesn't help. I am trying to correct eating, but its not going that great. The 3-days a week exercise routine went right out the window. I have relapsed into long working hours, coming home late, eating whatever I can manage to and fretting. And waking up late. With fatty nightmares. Not nice. This weekend, I'm going to give the cook-a-week's worth of food a shot.

We all "know" what's good for us and what's not. It's being aware of it- of what we eat, what we think, how we conduct ourselves- in the moment, all the time- is what is needed. That kind of constant self-awareness takes practice and discipline and a non-escapist attitude. (Gyan that i got from the don't lose your mind book).




AshR said...

I used to have the hotel-room cravings a few years ago. And every once in a while, I gave in to those cravings and just headed off somewhere on weekends. There was something very comforting and relaxing about being in a new place, far away from familiar faces.

nitish said...

Worry not. All the HW has been done & re-done. TDS/TCR are available from the Comedy Central site - no U.S. IP reqd. Hulu shows are not accessible although if you have VPN access to the net through your current univ, all should be temporarily golden. If not, there are always the purer forms of entertainment via Megavideo et al.

Funny how I was fidgety about the same issue.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

Comfort away from comfort zone, that's what it is :)

please be more clear, what is Megavideo and what is purer about it? Where can I get outsourced (yes i like to see it, what?) and the office? i dont have vpn shee pee en.

nitish said... clearly need training on the finer arts of accessing pirated vids. Simply Googling series names will point you to sites that host entire seasons. Don't know about Outsourced, and The Office is slightly hard to get using such methods. Megavideo is a place where people upload these things and you can watch most serials/movies in time-chunks of 72 mins. And now you will ask for live demo.

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

i dont see link for live demo. where is?


Anonymous said...

What an awesome last paragraph in this post. Details of this don't lose your mind book?

TGFI said...

The book is called "Don't lose your mind, lose your weight". It's by Rujuta Diwekar.

The book relates a lot of basic truths and focuses on teaching us how to incorporate thought into our eating habits, instead of running after fad diets and such. I agree with most everything that it says, and see the wisdom in it, but I just couldn't stand the writers style of writing. Thats my $0.02.