Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I have become one of those people that cannot find the time to reply to emails. (or comments here). Atleast for unanswered comments, I can apologise here. :-)

I don't understand how girls walk in heels, having never owned any myself. Really- how do you manage, when your feet are at an incline all the time? It has got to hurt! I don't see how it cannot. I have been suffering from acute foot pain for a while now- called plantar fasciitis. I bought some really expensive walking shoes with "full arch support" and plod around in them all the time. Even they have stopped helping after a while. But while I'm confined to putting my feet in sports shoes, I find myself staring at women all around me in heels of all kinds  - not in envy- but pure curiosity and wonderment. Those tall pointed stilettos, those boots with heels, even those ballerina shoes with a tiny heel- how does it work?  I am this close to walking up to one of these girls and asking them how they do it. Are some people just better equipped than others to walk on an incline? Cross the road, climb into a bus, train? Get through a whole work day - do experiments, shuttle between the ice machine and the lab, go to seminars, lunch? Do they simply get used to it? Quite some mystery, this.


nitish said...

You mean it's not a genetic female trait to withstand high heels?

Tried The Walking Company? They helped me out a lot when I had shoe-induced-knee-itis.

How many more days before you hit Indusilicon Valley?

ferret said...

I know this girl who stands on her toes if she is barefoot, 'coz she is so used to being on an incline :))

Kits said...

How bizarre that you are discussing this here - I have to show off this link to you from a shoe blog I follow - The writer is attesting to the fact that this pair of heels she brought from M&S were so comfortable that she can wear those anywhere.

Hope you can too!

TGFI said...


I'll look out for TWC ..thanks for the reco. Another 2 months and odd for the R2I. You try not to get fired by then, ok?

NO WAY! but i can see how that would happen. Sometimes i see girls in crazy ass heels and feel like standing on my tiptoes myself. :-)

Hmm..interesting. If I ever have the $$ and the inclination, I will be sure to check them out.