Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Parental Guidance

So my parents were here with me for a week. It was awesome. I'd get into lab early so that I could finish up and be home at a reasonable hour to spend time with them. My dad made me chai in the mornings, my mom had lunch for me when I came home for lunch. They cleaned up my place and organized all my books that were in random stacks lying around the house. I had also spent a great deal of time cleaning up the apartment before they got here, so it was in general nice to have a neat and tidy place. :) My mom folded my laundry. She even organized them into piles of "these really need to go", which I promptly mixed and stuffed back into my closet. Clearly my mom hasn't heard of emergency days, that lead into the actual day one does emergency laundry.

I also got to play tour guide and take my parents around the city a bit. It was fun to do that. Once I got comfortable with the fact that my parents are big on staring and were not going to back down. :p. They stared at everything and everyone. Skimpily clad people. Fully-dressed people. Fat people. Thin people. Biracial couples. Homosexual couples. Heterosexual couples. PDA. My dad even glared at this random couple smooching on the line front of us at Magnolias. LOL. My parents have been to the city before so there wasn't much sight-seeing for them to do. Other than people-watching and people-gawking and what better place to do that than NYC. I think we are a family of starers. I eventually stopped minding my parents because I figured, after all they are tourists. I am sure Americans would come to India and gawk at Indians. As tourists, you are allowed to. But my niece- she was born here. She is a BIG starer. It's so embarrassing. Having given up on distracting her, my sister has started to look in the other direction and pretend she's not with her when my niece begins staring at others in public. :-)

Then there came the advice. So I have put on loads of weight since the wedding. It is scary to see how the pounds piled on unnoticed- mostly from eating unhealthy junk food. And perhaps a good amount of stress. And of course these knee and foot injuries along the way that prevented me from getting any good exercise. So my parents are still trying to get used to the sight of their daughter, a good 15 lbs heavier than they last saw her and definitely not pregnant. My dad kept looking at me as if I was going to die any minute, and my mom went on and on and on. And then some more. It was of no use that I tried to tell them I was taking care now, and trying to get it under control. They just couldn't get over it. If it was not weight, it was other life-advice. They tend to forget that I am 33 and have probably figured out things for myself at this point. I did the best I could. But I will admit it got to me every now and then, and I had a preview into what life is going to be like, back in India when I R2I soon. Scary.

My high points of my parents visit were my dad successfully hailing us a cab on a crazy evening in the city when Obama was in town, and sitting at a nice streetside Hungarian bakery and..people watching with them. :) And bringing them to my lab. :) And going to a Broadway show with them and my niece, sis and b-i-l. We went to Mary Poppins and it totally rocked.

It sucked to come home to an empty apartment as always- even more unfair that this week at work is a little light compared to last week when I was battling all sorts of experimental failures and deadlines. But oh well- that's Murphy's law at work again. The apartment is abnormally clean and unusually silent now, although I am doing my best to bring it back to its normal untidy state. :)


nitish said...

Wrong. In India, <\i>firangs<\i> are equally stared at by Indians as in their own countries.

Snark alert: with all that piled-on luggage, you might not be allowed to check in anything in a couple of months.

Ammu said...

I couldn't stop laughing at the staring part. When my parents visited me in the US, I used to get totally embarrased with their (especially mom's) staring. I tried my bit to stop her from doing that, but nothing worked and so finally I gave up. :)

ferret said...

i wanted to give advice on how to handle the advices when you r2i,, but in person is going to be so much better, no? :) here you have that red cross on the top right corner!!

ferret said...

and a fb 'like' on nitish's comment :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

checked in baggage allowance is separate from carry on. :D

true about us staring at firangs, though, in india.


Am glad I have company. :-)


Thanks a lot. :-). BTW where are you these days? geographically speaking?

ferret said...

Hyderabad again!