Saturday, May 28, 2011

Udhaari band

I have closed out all but one credit card I own now. Even that one, I do not use, I am simply hanging on to it for all the miles it has. I pay cash for whatever grocery shopping I do, and weigh every purchase I make. For the past two months, I have paid my rent a few days BEFORE the 1st of the month, because I really need for that money to disappear from my checking account so I know how much I really have. I do not spend unnecessarily, spending from cash really makes it hard to do that. I still have one credit card to pay off, but hope to pay it off in the next month. Its a great feeling. To pay off all these cards that had seemingly never ending balances left on them..always accumulating just when I thought I'd paid a huge chunk. And I look at my current spending pattern and wonder, if I did this all my life, it probably wouldn't be such a struggle at the end. Ah well. :-)

I am antsy about being in India without a job to start with and living off B's money. When I tell him that, he reminds me of the short period between his lease ending and his moving back to India when he stayed with me and didn't contribute to rent. :-) He tells me to consider us even now. Weird as it sounds, that explanation makes complete sense to me and I rest easier at the idea that I will be sharing his money, and eventually, ours. Clearly, I have a long way to go at this marriage thing. :)

We're making a lot of plans now. It is coming together. I am also a lot more vocal about my concerns, that have been building up in the months leading to my R2I. Some of them are dissolving, others, will remain concerns, but not something we cannot deal with. I am happy to have friends I can offload to, and get some grounded advice from. That is important and has proven very helpful and comforting. I am looking forward to making new friendships in India, some fun people I have encountered in the blog-world and some that I know from earlier, who live in the same city I am moving to. Yeah!


Anonymous said...

Concerns will always be there. At some points they are going to be full blown arguments and doubts..but there will also be a sense of completeness...I am not sure how else to put it across. Things will be wonderful I am sure. let me know if I can be of any help :)

The_Girl_From_Ipanema said...

that is good to know. mind sharing which city you might be in? by any chance the same one that i'm going to be in? :)