Friday, May 06, 2011


I just had the once-in-a-lifetime experience of finishing a task way before the deadline. Granted it was a simple task, but sometimes those are the ones I procrastinate most on, knowing that I get it done in the last minute. This feels good. All those google reminders can go take a hike, because guess what, it's already done! :-)

I find that every time I open an email from my PI, I develop a defensive stance. Most times he is just responding to a discussion and voicing his thoughts. I need to stop getting so edgy about it.

I had a very uplifting meeting yesterday with my collaborators. Everyone promises to work as fast as they can to help me get done quickly. The support feels good. Interacting with an A-level team, 3 women (me included) and my PI, also feels great.

I will still have some unfinished ends left in my project. As it stands, my PI and I decided to bring another post-doc on board to finish it up. I still have mixed feelings about this arrangement. Mostly it is the pangs of letting-go, I guess. :/ I learned from my Ph.D. experience, where I let my last paper dawdle along for almost a year before publishing, mainly because I was resisting outside help, that an extra author on the paper if thats what it takes to GET IT DONE is nothing. But I guess in this case, I feel like I don't have a hard deadline (except a personal one) and so, why not linger for a bit longer? I am not sure. I do know that B and I are already making plans with a certain exit date in mind and it will suck to keep pushing those indefinitely. And that another 2 weeks more here may not accomplish completion, then what? I will still have to bring someone on. Sigh. What a never-ending-recursive-loop this can be. But I need to take a stand and make my peace with it. :(

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