Friday, May 06, 2011


I hope these keywords don't bring a shitload of spam my way, but do airlines even understand the meaning of discount airfares any more? I keep getting these emails about great deals from my black out dates etc..and I go, plug in the dates, do the math and its never less than $300 RT. Are we supposed to be giddy with delight that we got a RT domestic ticket for $300 now?

Today as I gloomily waddled home from lab, I decided to do the "fake it until you make it" thing. Pretend that I am doing great. Pretend that I am super happy and optimistic all the time. Become that person everyone hates. And see if that helps improve my general state of mind. :D

I really want a weekend of vegetation and some alcohol thrown in for good measure. Not least not this weekend. :/

I have four more paychecks to come..and that's it. They will all go into the next 2 months rent and remaining credit card debt. I'll end with zero balance. That, is a terribly depressing thought. That is one of the things that is making it so hard for me to call it quits here - for the past ten years, I have been self-sufficient and the idea of sharing my money with others, or theirs with mine, is just all to foreign to me. :/

The good part about getting away from my apt this weekend- won't have to put up with my idiotic upstairs neighbours stomping their floors all the time. @#$@#$S.

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