Friday, May 13, 2011


A significant amount of despondence has set in at work. My main project is moving along at snails pace, after reaching a good place. My original plan was to rev up the other project once the main project was mostly done- or during the long waiting gaps that main project involves. However, I feel like I'm in a weird place now. 1.5 months doesn't seem enough to rev up and complete the other project..but I know that shouldn't make me just while away my time while the main project picks up. Its a strange feeling of defeatedness that I need to fight and purge out of my system. Do the best I can in the next 1.5 months. So what if I don't get anywhere with it. Best case scenario: I'll find something cool and then ways of continuing that work will materialize- I can continue in my next position, my boss can hire someone else to take it up- the possibilities are endless- I need not give up, yet. Don't leave before you leave. I am trying to be perfect- wanting to be able to execute the project from start to completion, and knowing that is impossible in the time frame I have, I seem to just give up. The classic mistake I have always made. Must snap out of this.

People carrying out loud conversations on the phone happens to be one of my pet peeves. I just don't get it. Are you so self-involved, that you think its alright to subject everyone in your immediate surrounding to your personal phone conversations? Unless you are a doctor directing a life-saving procedure or other such emergencies, I think its entirely unnecessary, exhibitionist, rude and polluting to have people talk loudly and make general conversation on buses, trains, in stores, restaurants etc. Surely it can wait until you reach a more private place? I see this most amongst younger people- speaking in high-pitched voices, discussing their travails and tales without a care to the fact that they are imposing on other people around them. I am quite tired of doing the glaring, staring, changing my seat. The very act rankles me.

We are all entitled to a few mistakes in life. That's what makes life that much more enriching and interesting. I am happy with the lot of stupid things I did. They all taught me some really important lessons, and made me that much more stronger and wiser. Without them, I would've never known.

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