Friday, May 20, 2011


So my time in the US boils down to about half-a-dozen more weekends. I feel like I have to budget everything that goes into each precious weekend. Ergo, on one day of this weekend, I'm going to laze and do nothing. :-)

There is no disputing the fact that I'm going to miss the US. Like anything. The easy lifestyle, the greenery - especially in the midst of city life, the various conveniences, the lack of chaos, my comfort zones, the ability to walk out and get a drink, the quality of my work life- all of it. Every now and then I find myself taking in my surroundings and thinking wistfully about how I will miss it. Along with leaving the US, I leave my single life and begin living with not just my husband but also his dad. I am also going to miss the freedom of this carefree life- of cooking or not cooking only as I wish, of living as I please, cleaning when I want to. There are going to be big changes and it is daunting.

A friend I'm making plans to meet up with while in her city writes and says "I've dedicated the entire evening to you". Warms me up like no other- at a time while I know we are all busy, juggling numerous things, I was only hopeful of some of her time for dinner, and planning on doing some lone-tourism for the rest of the time. I was of course, pleasantly surprised to see that she was going to hang out with me all evening- and then began wondering if our lives have gotten busier or have the expectations dropped so much, that, the mere promise of more time than a perfunctionary dinner can make one feel so good. I guess its a mix of both.

I found out that my colleague from my grad school days who died recently committed suicide. I have just been absorbing this news - he was very social within the department, took good care of himself- stayed physically fit etc. and really warm and affectionate when I met him last month. I am glad I got to talk to him then. Nobody saw this coming. I began wondering who exactly I was feeling the most bad about- and I realized I was feeling bad for what he went through, in those days and hours leading up to the point that he decided to take this step. How horrible must that have been? But now he is gone. It is moot.



qsg said...

tussi jaa rahe ho? I need to talk to you before you leave - you will have to call me though as I lost my phone numbers - my stupid phone. please please please!

TGFI said...

OYvey! look who's alive. :)
will call u soon.

nitish said...

You might also add "No delightful summer-heat-beating attire." At least this Indian city has some greenery and is much cooler than Hyd.

Oh this is so exciting. Social circle to expand plenty-fold.

tgfi said...

lol @ delightful attire. :-)