Monday, June 27, 2011

Acts of desperation

I caved in and bought the 5 quarters from ebay, to complete my coin collection. Still haven't confirmed the purchase, not sure how I feel about it. :(. How do hardcore collectors feel about purchasing stuff to add to their collection as against really "collecting" ?

decisions..decisions.. :p


Archana said...

You could have tried the bank!

I used to collect the state quarters and store them in a special box. Had a pretty decent collection too.

Dear husband came across the box one fine day when I was not home and without stopping to wonder why these quarters were stored separately, happily transferred all the coins into the stash of laundry quarters!!!

You can imagine how mad I was when I found out (weeks after this transfer happened - thus giving plenty of time for all the state quarters to be used up for laundry).

Net result was, to make it up to me, husband went to the bank and got about 200 dollars in quarters and retrieved pretty much all the lost states! After some serendipity, we finally managed to collect all of them :-). Of course this was the easy way of getting them - but hey, I did work hard the first time round!

Sangi said...

Better buy when you are there than to order from here! Would have looked to see if there was one, except I just gave all to husband who traveled to old hunting grounds.

You collected 45 of 50, right? Glass IS half full! :-D

TGFI said...


whattay story. Makes me wonder how you still remained married after that . :p

I will try bank tomorrow.

half-full indeed! Thats a good way of looking at it. will go ahead and buy and fill up my chart. :)