Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Note to self: Lessons in politics

* Sometimes, when your boss is being stubborn and refuses to concede to your point, you just have to let go. Even if you know that you are right, and you have all the empirical evidence to prove your point. Do not make it your agenda. Instead, give in, and then subtly let the further evidence (After doing what he wants you to do), make your point. Several weeks and months later, he will be telling you what you told him in that same room weeks ago. Minus all that effort that you have put in. That gets frustrating. But do not say I told you so. Feign the same wonderment and surprise that he feels, and ask him what he would suggest one does. Nod.

* Learn to read between the lines. ALOT. People may be super nice and polite in your face, and then continuously use underhanded ways of giving you a hard time because of whatever grudge they nurse. Basically, do not be fooled by niceties.

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