Sunday, June 26, 2011


Am in for another sleepless night worrying about what lies ahead. Each transformation the next phase in my life is going to take on seems more challenging than the other. What is it that nags me the most: R2I? R2I professional? Wife? Daughter-in-law? None of the above. The role that worries me the most is that of a "caregiver" to my FIL. And in some sense to my husband too, who is taking the brunt of the blow of his dad's situation. B tells me how, the other day, his dad was ruing about why he ended up with a problem involving memory loss when he'd much rather have chosen diabetes or B.P over it. I can almost feel that pain that might've provoked that thought. Met up with an old buddy of mine few months ago, who had just lost his dad to Alzheimer's. He told me that there was absolutely no way to sugar coat the long arduous journey I was in for. And this when he lived away from his dad and saw his mom single-handedly care for his dad. Sigh.

B's strategy is to somehow learn to deal with it all, while celebrating the small joys of life. I hope that works for us.


ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/Ashwini said...

Take care girl. They need you and thats why you are moving. Do not worry for everything will be good.

Sangi said...

You will work it out. It's not easy for sure, but that's the beauty of India. Between the people visiting and affordable paid help, you can still do more than care taking.