Sunday, November 20, 2011


First off a shout out to all the folks that left comments on my past few posts. Since the posts were really old, the comments got held up by bloggers filter and I only recently got to see them myself. I am indeed alive and kicking and thanks for your concern/comments.

Life is progressively getting a lot better at my end. I got to attend a wedding in my family, the first wedding I managed to attend in the past ten years. My sis, niece and b-i-l were also there, and indeed, that was the best part of it for me- getting to hang out with them like the old days in US where I got to see them every other weekend. Other than that finally getting to wear one of the saris I bought during my wedding but never got to wear, wedding chaos, the train journey with 2 bogeys full of the wedding party, was all fun. We took an extra day off to sight-see around Orissa and enjoyed discovering parts of India that neither B nor I have ever been to, and hope to do a lot more of this now.

We took my FIL with us and at the end of day 1, B was exhausted from having to look after him, as the new surroundings, chaos and change had made him extremely disoriented. We began reconsidering our idea of putting him through the strenuous train journey and were ourselves were feeling stressed out and tired from having to deal with him. We even considered cutting short our trip and returning right after the wedding. But by day 2 he had readjusted himself and also enjoyed all the hungama, watching the ceremonies, telling us that it reminded him of our wedding etc. He also enjoyed all the sight-seeing we did and to his credit, was an excellent sport and never once complained about the stress he was feeling. At the end of 5 days, both B and I were glad we could take him around and didnt cut short our trip on his account, as he seemed to be quite refreshed and energized from it despite the initial disturbances.

So far we have taken 3 out of town trips and taken my FIL with us on each of them. While it felt nice to be able to show him a good time, we also realize that we need to plan a getaway for just the two of us, although we have yet to figure out the logistics of what to do with my FIL. Hopefully this materializes soon.

All in all, the trips have definitely helped to refresh and re-energize us. Another thing that has livened up our lives is getting in touch with friends and socializing. It definitely helps break routine and gives us something to plan and look forward to.

I am undecided about my job- I miss research and feel envious seeing my peers busy actually doing science while I have moved (too quickly for my taste) into more of a people-managerial role. I also have trouble adjusting my expectations with the kind of caliber that I get from my team. They are masters-level people and are very good at doing what they are told to but I wish to see a lot more pro-activeness, spark and drive that I dont see. I am trying ways to infuse it, but not sure I am getting through. On the other hand, I enjoy the field that I am getting a lot of exposure to in this job and the position of responsibility. Lets see where it goes.