Thursday, April 26, 2012


I miss blogging. I miss reading blogs, engaging in meaningless and meaningful debates. I miss friends I can call up to just kill time and chat. I miss having friends.

I dont feel intellectually engaged at my workplace. I keep very busy, and I do a good job at what I do. But its largely people management, fire fighting, disaster averting, and such. I miss journal club and scientific dissection of papers. I plan to start Jclub at my workplace, but I am afraid I do not foresee the kind of scientific discourse I was used to. I am beginning to feel overqualified at this job. The petty politics is also getting to me. I agree that politics will be there everywhere, but I would rather be dealing with it with people of my caliber, qualifications and such.

Thats the update on my work life. It is still fulfilling in its way, and there is plenty I derive joy from, but its not enough. Not enough to justify the 2 hour commute and investment of my energies and qualification. I am also afraid that my research capabilities will start rusting if I stick around here for too long.