Monday, June 16, 2014

The thing about procrastination

I read that at bet you only barely end up accomplishing the "have-to-do's" , after much feet dragging and not in the best way possible, and,  "wish-to-do's" never get done.

So true.

I have to

submit 3 year old manuscript.

I wish to

meet friends
blog about my new life :)

But nothing new about this dump I am in right now...

All I do know is I am not alone. It helps to know that I'm not the only post-doc who has slacked off on her manuscript. But it doesn't make it any better.

I am now trying to work in 20 min bursts of focus. Lets see how it goes.

Also I need to relearn blogging. I have forgotten.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I've moved

to B1.

At the start I want to apologise to some wonderful people I knew via blogging and always planned on meeting while I lived in B2. And the one dude I did end up meeting but did not meet often enough. Sorry all of you...if you still read this..

I still hope/plan to meet you..eventually, who knows?

My job was getting tiresome and I felt like I was not growing intellectually/scientifically. So I decided to take up a nice opportunity, even if it meant moving cities, us becoming a weekend couple, maintaining two rented apartments, etc. etc. etc. The weather change is what hit me first, though. I had forgotten how how humid and sultry B1 gets..and didnt help that B2 has glorious weather. The long distance is tough, but I'd like to say we are managing alright. The weekly flights are making a big hole in our pocket, though.

The biggest advantage about moving to B1 was all the friends we have here. After ~ 3 years in B2 and barely any socializing (sorry again, co-bloggers) I was looking forward to a life of having friends to meet with. Its also great to be back in a city that is charged and always on the move. A city with a sense of humor, so that I can crack random jokes with complete strangers and they get it, do not stare at me in horror or judge. A city where everyone believes in working hard right from the auto wallah to the bais to my coworkers....and yes, it is great to have a job that I am enjoying and growing in.

At a stage in life when we should have been putting down our roots, investing in a house, may be even planning a kid...we decided to do something quite disruptive. There are many times I question it. I have B's unconditional support and that makes me a bit less conflicted. It may not have been the wisest move- financially as well as from a quality of life perspective. But B knew how important it is for me to have a fulfilling job. And reminds me about that every time I question it. We meet on weekends, and try to make the most of them. So B carries back all my dirty laundry for me every time he visits, and has it washed and ironed for me to bring back when I visit. I am living like a bachelor ;) although I never did live like this when I was single. It was different in the US, where daily conveniences like gas/fridge/laundry (if you're lucky) etc. come built in when you rent a new place. I am still getting those things sorted here, and enjoy getting pampered by B every time I go "home". Yeah B2 is definitely still home.

I may have spent ~ 10 yrs living on my own in the U.S., but living together has gotten me used to a division of labour of sorts. I enjoyed sharing chores with B- and enjoyed being able to hand off a chore to him if I was too tired... But its also fun to explore a new life in a new place. I am sure it is harder on B, as he has to deal with my FIL all by himself. My FIL is deteriorating steadily, and moving him to B1 eventually, is going to be very challenging. But...we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Another thing that may come out of this move is that I may start blogging more often. :)