Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bringing back W O M M

Whats On My Mind- A great way to dump the distractions and focus on work.

1. My FIL with dementia- is becoming really difficult to care for. He is at the stage where he requires some amount of assistance with everyday living, but resents it. We are paying dearly for a 24h caregiver, compromising on our privacy, etc. only to have my FIL be nasty and snappy with him. Its very frustrating. I realise where my FIL's resentment is coming from but it is very hard to deal with. And the thought that there is no end to this is even more depressing.

2. I need a day of focus to get the last bit done on my manuscript. It helps to read all my old posts where I dragged my feet, felt miserable and kept getting stuck in those vicious cycles. Got to avoid that rut now. Once I get the paper done, there is so much more to do.

3. Need to set hourly goals and work in 20 min bursts.

Over and out.

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