Thursday, November 27, 2014

On Being Political

I've had a small whiff of office politics while I was at my earlier job. My reaction was one of distaste and "I can keep myself above this and do my work" but I didn't have enough time to realize if it was working or not.

I've learned a whole lot since then, about bullshit and the peculiar variety called corporate bullshit. My husband taught me almost everything I know about negotiating at the work place. How to ask for something, how to stand my ground, how to be tactful. He has also reiterated to me many times that I have to evolve past being a "straight shooter" because real world is not ideal. I am finally getting the hang of what he means.

I've now come to a point where I willfully embrace the politicking. I feel confident that I can tell bullshit from real, know when to take stuff seriously and when not to, when to faff superficially, and, how to react to statements, read between the lines, and how to detect bluster and not give it any attention. Somewhere I feel like I've lost a small part of me, but that doesn't bother me too much.

Overall, its a very empowering feeling.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Back to the grind

Yeah! It took me exactly two months to go from joblessness to getting back to a job.

I ended with two offers on my plate, and took the one that had several clear advantages over the other. Is it my dream job? Perhaps not. But it is a step towards my dream job, like Sheryl Sandberg advised, and so I took it. It has its risks, and several known devils, but which job doesn't? I am excited and looking forward to doing my best at it.

A friend remarked that I had just the right period of joblessness- not too short so I could relax and unwind, and not too long that I'd get bored and restless. He was quite right. At first, I almost felt sad that my aaram ki zindagi was over. But that's only a small part of me. I did feel bad that I didn't go through all the items on my list. But my lists have always been overambitious. So here I will focus on the ones I did accomplish in my downtime.

1) Paper- almost there. Not out the door, but that will happen very soon. I give myself a 6/10.

2) Odd jobs and fixits around the house- Got a lot done!

3) Socialize - met one blog friend (yay!). Reconnected with a couple more. OK. pas mal.

4) Enjoyed myself- random lunches and coffees with B while he was slaving away at work, explored the local markets, walked about and discovered nooks and crannies in the neighbourhood, and felt thankful all over again for the move back to this city. :-) Here I give myself 10/10!

5) Got fit- addressed one niggling back issue. Did not lose weight like I hoped to, but that's next.

So I think the one I totally flunked out was to learn driving. It is the least appealing of all.

In other news - I learned this awesome trick from my husband - to get rid of water that's entered your ear- put a few more drops of water into the same ear, and as soon as you feel a gurgling sensation, tilt your head and jerk the water out. Worked like a charm!

In the whole to make or not make baby department- we are still undecided! That doesn't mean we are agonizing or losing sleep over it but well- let's see.